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Autonomous Visual Inspections

Turn Images Into Solutions

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Gimic is one of Sweden’s leading companies in the development of autonomous visual inspections. Our solution performs image analysis with the power of AI. We identify the quality level of your needs, classify your saved errors and deliver results to you within any industry.

Standardised inspection

Standardised Inspection

Same results every time, according to your quality standard.

fast inspection

Fast Inspection

Real-time inspections of complex and moving products.

Cost effective

Cost Effective

Applying AI models according to a standardised workflow.

documentation and full traceability

Documentation & Full Traceability

Documentation of each inspection with full traceability.

Systems & Inspections

The benefits we have with our Gimic solution is that we see constant results of inspections on our products. It is difficult to get the same assessment from several individuals, since all humans are different. Further has the Gimic solution ensured that we can automate to a greater degree. This brings a better working environment for our employees and releases the operators for more valuable tasks.

- Production Technician at Swepart
About us

About Us

Gimic develops an autonomous vision inspection system based on the latest advances in machine learning technology to help you discover defects and optimise your production flows. We combine cameras with AI which enables more advanced and efficient inspections.

Our Vision

We envision a future where autonomous systems make the world a more sustainable place by empowering manufacturing companies with autonomous products and services that are simple and easy to use we will accelerate these transitions.



Hjortvägen 8,

352 45 Växjö Sweden

Sales: +(46) 73-533 18 80

Service: + (46) 73-534 53 19

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