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About Us

We are an innovative and experienced team with knowledge in manufacturing and with a passion for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence computer vision systems.

Our Story

It all started with an idea in a garage.

The idea is inspired from self driving cars. Why not use the same principle in the manufacturing industry?

In 2017, it all came together as a complete solution. Standardised visual inspections combined with the Industry 4.0 principle data will guide to the right decisions for


The start of Gimic.


Gimic's solution makes it possible for employees to avoid doing hazardous or unhealthy manual inspections. This also enables the business to place its employees where they perform more valuable tasks.


Ensuring quality in the industry and providing traceability, enables the businesses to have greater control over their production. This will reduce the number of defects and waste which saves the earth's resources.


By automating quality assurance, businesses will be more effective.

To gather data in a standardised way, your processes will be guided through facts. In this way the company increases its productivity and revenue.

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Meet the Team

Marcus Nilsson
Henrik Arvsell
Dan Idofsson
Anton Kaiser
Ulf Ejlertsson
Michelle Bergström
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Hjortvägen 8,

352 45 Växjö Sweden

Sales: +(46) 73-533 18 80

Service: + (46) 73-534 53 19

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