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Gimic delivers a complete solution for inspections and follow-up of production quality. We offer a solution where we replace the human eye with a digital one. By using cameras that inspect your products and software with artificial intelligence, the inspection is performed with accuracy and all data is collected.


Robohelix is ​​a flexible robotic solution. The hardware is equipped to adapt to the customer's specific needs.


With its compact design, Robohelix can be seamlessly integrated into various industries, making it an easy-to-use all-in-one solution.



Helix is ​​used for automatic rotating inspection of cylindrical objects. Helix uses ​​AI to inspect all types of round objects and supports multi-level inspection by rotating the product both before and during the inspection.

Helix streamlines and ensures the quality of your production line by conducting accurate inspections and collecting all data.

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Octopus is equipped with several cameras to view objects from multiple angles. Octopus hardware is more flexible to easily integrate the inspection into your existing production flow.

Octopus uses AI based motion or snapshot inspection to ensure the quality of your production line.

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Motus is used for inspection of defects and missing details of objects in the production line. Motus is equipped with a conveyor belt and uses AI based motion or snapshot inspection.

By training from an error-free object, Motus can verify that all details on an object are present and correctly positioned.



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