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Gimic signs a new agreement with ATA

Gimic installs an AI-driven visual monitoring system on the production line at ATA Timber in Moheda, one of Sweden's leading forestry companies with operations in southern Sweden.

"For Gimic, it is a valuable opportunity to demonstrate that our solution and service also fit here," says Henrik Arvsell, CEO of Gimic.

"This gives us an opportunity to monitor our production process in a completely new way and we see great potential in several areas of our operations!" says Göran Swärdh, Technical Manager at ATA Timber.

For more information, contact:

Henrik Arvsell, VD Gimic AB

+ (46) 72-585 56 05

Michelle Bergström, Marknad Gimic AB

+ (46) 73-500 25 57

About Gimic

Gimic is one of Sweden’s leading companies in the development of autonomous visual inspections. Our solution performs image analysis with the power of AI. Based on the customer’s quality standards, Gimic identifies and classifies errors within any industry.

By understanding how to combine AI, IT, Automation, and Industrial processes, we provide valuable solutions for our customers. Moreover, designed as a modularized system, we can repeat the processes to solve customers’ problems. We deliver a complete solution where we offer delivery, installation, and service to different types of industries. Gimic’s innovative solution assures quality in the industry and provides traceability to gain better control over production. Gimic contributes to an improved work environment, decreases waste of the earth’s resources, and increases the productivity of companies.


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