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Gimic and ATA Timber deepen the collaboration around industrial AI

Gimic supplies another detection of spacers solution to the production at ATA Timber. This time to the unit in Åboda. An innovative solution that has already proven successful in Moheda. Through the partnership, both companies contribute to raising the standard for efficient and sustainable utilization of both machine resources and raw materials in the forestry industry.

The technology of detection of spacers - developed by Gimic - is designed to streamline the intake of dried wood to the sawmills. There, the risk of disruptions is minimized and has a positive impact on flow, work environment, and resource use. This means not only more efficient production and a safer working environment but also more sustainable management throughout the flow, which can have a positive impact right up to the forest resources.

This deepened collaboration is a clear sign that a shared commitment promotes a sustainable and competitive future for the sawmill industry and ultimately forestry.

"This strengthened collaboration with ATA Timber is a brilliant example of how together we can transform challenges into opportunities for a more efficient and sustainable forest industry. By looking with cameras, we can detect interference, communicate autonomously with the equipment, and deal with the interference directly, automatically, and with greatly reduced downtime.” says Henrik Arvsell, CEO Gimic.

For further information, contact:

Henrik Arvsell, CEO Gimic AB

+ (46) 72-585 56 05

Michelle Bergström, Marknad Gimic AB

+ (46) 73-500 25 57

About Gimic:

Gimic is one of Sweden's leading companies in autonomous visual inspections. The company has solutions where images are inspected using proven equipment, advanced image processing and AI. Based on the customer's quality requirements, Gimic detects and classifies defects - regardless of the industry the customer is in. Gimic's standardized solution ensures quality in the customer's process and provides traceability for better control over e.g. production flows. Gimic's solutions contribute to an improved working environment, reduced use of the earth's resources and increased productivity for the customer.

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