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Gimic welcomes Ifö Electric as a new customer

We started the first weeks of the year 2024 with an order from Ifö Electric AB, well known for its porcelain production in Southern Sweden.

"A common factor for Gimic's customers is the importance of future-proofing their market position, for example through increased automation. Our contribution is to automate visual inspections where competence also becomes the company's asset. Gimic solves known problems with new smart analysis technology and thus provides the opportunity for an increased degree of automation as well as data for future process improvements.” says Henrik Arvsell, CEO Gimic.

For further information, contact:

Henrik Arvsell, CEO Gimic AB

+ (46) 72-585 56 05

Michelle Bergström, Marknad Gimic AB

+ (46) 73-500 25 57

About Gimic:

Gimic is one of Sweden's leading companies in autonomous visual inspections. The company has solutions where images are inspected using proven equipment, advanced image processing and AI. Based on the customer's quality requirements, Gimic detects and classifies defects - regardless of the industry the customer is in. Gimic's standardized solution ensures quality in the customer's process and provides traceability for better control over e.g. production flows. Gimic's solutions contribute to an improved working environment, reduced use of the earth's resources and increased productivity for the customer.


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